web design

Specializing in custom website design & implementation, 805.Digital has the right solution for your business. We use state of the art virtual programming that uses the newest HTML5 code and CSS. If you can dream it up, we can put it online!


• We use the Webflow Platform to build our websites. Similar to WordPress (The most popular website generator), Webflow is a user-friendly way to generate code (HTML5) in a concise fashion. Webflow has an infinite amount of possibilities, and advanced features found in no other cloud based program. It is the best way to generate code for a designed website.

• We like to keep our design clean and simple. Easy navigation menus and modern colors coupled with responsive design will keep your business looking #fresh #clean & #classy.

Webflow code and CSS works flawlessly on all browsers and mobile devices. No matter what screen your customer is holding the page will look top-notch. Alignment issues or overlapping content will be never be seen using Webflow.


• The time lapse video above shows how the general interface of Webflow works. It's a designers way to produce professional level results, with extremely low coding time.

Logos and branding

Your logo may be the single most important graphic decision you make when developing your brand identity. It’s important to use it well. It shouldn’t dominate the UI or muddle the user’s interaction patterns. As a hallmark for your brand, the logo is best used in launcher sequences, splash screens, and navigation bar applications. It is a high-level touchpoint and should be treated as such in the design hierarchy.


We believe the best way to bring personality and performance to our websites and products is through great design and technology. By using our extensive knowledge of Webflow we can share and integrate responsive typography, widgets, buttons, links, forms, CTAs, etc. all with ease.

Simplicity: Being original doesn’t mean that you have to come up with a convoluted web design and pile element on top of element or crowd the space with text. In fact, doing this could hurt your website, because if visitors can’t find the things they need on your page or don’t understand how to interact with your page, they’ll do what’s easy: leave your website and go to one of your competitors.

Easy navigation: Visitors should be able to locate your navigation menu and the pages they need to get to quickly. If you notice on this site, the navigation bar is always in view, so no matter what our clients have access to all our information within one/two clicks.

Clear copy: Avoid jargon in your text and use a conversational tone. Pretend you’re speaking directly with your visitors. Help them get a sense of who you are.

Effective calls to action: Clear, enticing CTAs help move the visitor towards the pages or the actions you want, but we don’t want to clutter your page with CTAs — that would dilute their effectiveness. We always give a potential client a quick way to contact you via Phone, Email, Social Media, or a Contact Form.

• A "Favicon" is a 32 x 32 pixel image that you will see on well designed website. It's located on the left hand corner of the browser near the sites name. Having this little icon can actually make your site more trustworthy to potential clients. If all the "big boys" have them, you should too! Below is an example of a site that 805.Digital designed vs. a competitors site within the same industry.

• A "Webclip" is a 256 x 256 pixel image that shows up when your website link is saved to an iPhone or Android home screen. This allows your customers to use your website like an App and access it anytime from the home screen. Below is an example of a site that 805.Digital designed vs. a competitors site within the same industry.


We use Google Fonts. These open source fonts make our web pages run faster by safely caching fonts without compromising users’ privacy or security. Googles cross-site caching is designed so that the consumer needs to load a font only once, with any website, and it will use that same cached font on any other website that uses Google Fonts.

This is a prime example of new technology that is making the internet faster and more secure. This also is a small piece of a larger puzzle when it comes to Web Design and SEO.

Thin Italiac
Extra Light
Extra Light Italic
Light Italic
Regular Italic
Medium Italic
Semi-Bold Italic
Bold Italic
Extra-Bold Italic