search engine OPTIMIZATION

We use all the latest and greatest tools to get your website on the front page of Google Search Results. It doesn't happen overnight, but with persistent monitoring and targeted marketing, we can get any business there. Read more below to see the techniques and tools we use.


  • We partner with Google to keep the search giant on friendly terms, and since we're friends, we get great benefits. Industry leading news and insights as well as 24/7 support makes Google the perfect partner.
  • Every piece of content we write is unique and peppered with keywords and relevant information that makes our SEO feel organic, not like a robot wrote it. It all boils down to influencing the buyer to use your services.
  • The enormous amount of data provided by Google Analytics is extremely important for businesses for many reasons. It can help re-evaluate and make decisions about your website’s positioning. It can also help you to track results and saves valuable time.

805.Digital Content Optimization Program

Even if you have a good design planned out for your website, without a well written and relevant content, your website will be of little or no use for generating leads and traffic. Moreover, what’s the use of a good piece of content if it not marketed and optimized well?

Step #1 – Keyword Research

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of any search-based engagement, your keyword targets can make or break your SEO campaign. 805.Digital takes the time to get to understand your business, target audience and competitors, and then uses third party tools like Google Analytics & Google’s Keyword Planner to identify your potential keyword universe. From there we prioritize your keyword strategy, based on your existing content and business goals.

Step #2 – Keyword Mapping & Content Expansion Planning

Once we have developed a keyword strategy, the next step is to figure out where those keywords will be represented on your website. We will pair your keywords with existing content where possible, as well as create a prioritized content expansion plan when needed.

Step #3 – Content Review

After we’ve established what keyword pairs with which page of content, we can begin the on-page optimization process. Each mapped keyword-page combination will be entered into our SEO Dashboard and run through a content scoring process. Afterwards, we will give you our recommendations of how to optimize the page for search engine ranking without sacrificing user experience.

Step #4 – Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The work of content optimization is never really done, as there are always more keywords that you can target online. Once you’ve established great ranking for your core set of keyword phrases, we continue to support your online growth through additional keyword research & content development recommendations.

Analytics Tracking

Analytics tracking allows us to analyze the performance of your website and make informed, real time decisions about your website’s functionality and positioning. With Google’s Analytics tracking, you can track the number of visitors coming to your website, where they are coming from, what keywords people are using to come to your website, which pages people are visiting more, how much time they are spending, and much more. It is a program that is constantly evolving, and 805.Digital will continue to evolve with it.

The kind of information that Google analytics tracking offers is invaluable for any business. Convert potential customers into clients, strategically place keywords, boost online marketing and improve user experience. You can also see how your social media marketing efforts are working, and what changes you can make to drive in more traffic from different channels.