Content management system

Categorize all your data and make it simple to update with our CMS. Watch the video below to see how Webflow CMS works and the advantages it offers small business owners.

Manage your updates

  • Make changes right on the live website and your content will update automatically, wherever it appears.
  • Just tell 805.Digital what content you’re building — whether it’s blog posts, portfolio pieces, recipes, or whatever — and we'll customize the CMS structure to fit your vision.
  • We use Webflow CMS to build our CMS enabled websites. Webflow is a user-friendly way to generate code (HTML5) in a concise fashion. Webflow has an infinite amount of possibilities, and advanced features found in no other cloud based program. It is the best way to generate code for a designed website.
  • Create a single template page (for, say, a blog post) and that design will automatically apply to every item in that collection (that is, all your blog posts).
  • Custom filtering and sorting let you feature popular blog posts, showcase top products, or highlight the most frequently asked questions.